Supply and Demand

Written by Maresa Giovannini

It’s no secret that moving can be a time-consuming and exhausting process.Unfortunately, the work doesn’t end when  your belongings are behind a new front door.The true task still lies ahead: how do you begin organizing all that stuff? But what if you only had to bring your favorite swimsuit and a few family photos? If you purchase a second home or lease a long-term rental on the Islands, there are plenty of fully furnished options to make your next move seamless and simple.

In Hawaii, houses are often purchased as part-time residences, vacation homes, or as rental property investments, and it’s an important and a signifi cant expectation for the buyer that the home be sold furnished. Additionally, the Islands are an ideal market for furnished homes because buyers from the mainland are not likely to have personal items shipped over and therefore, want furnishings readily available. While a primary residence is often decorated with heirlooms, personal collections, and other sentimental decor, this is rarely the case with a secondary home. So local interior designers and Realtors create interior styles that appeal to a variety of buyers and renters

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When outfitting a fully furnished home, it’s imperative to think of all the details. That’s when specialty interior companies shine. Ultimately, no matter which materials or colors are utilized, filling a house with furniture and accessories provides a potential buyer with the vision of a home. It’s no longer an empty space with potential—the space has realized its potential. So whether the furnishings in a home are provided for rental purposes or included as part of a sale, it can be benefi cial to include them. If you are considering selling your second home or high-end luxury estate, keep in mind that fully furnished properties garner extra attention. So out with your old, and in with your new.

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