4914 Lawai Road

Poipu, Kauai

4157 Black Point
Road – RARE

Honolulu, Oahu

81-6575 Hiaaiono Place

Hokulia, Big Island

10 Acre Waiki‘i Ranch

Waikii, Big Island

220 Ohaoha Place

Makawao, Maui

Top Five

Editor’s Choice

$15,000,000 – 4914 Lawai Road

$ 15,000,000

4914 Lawai Road



$9,500,000 – 4157 Black Point  Road – RARE  Oceanfront

$ 9,500,000

4157 Black Point Road – RARE Oceanfront



$7,995,000 – 81-6575 Hiaaiono Place

$ 7,995,000

81-6575 Hiaaiono Place

Big Island


$4,950,000 – 10 Acre Waiki’i Ranch

$ 4,950,000

10 Acre Waiki\'i Ranch

Big Island


$3,395,000 – 220 Ohaoha Place

$ 3,395,000

220 Ohaoha Place



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Aloha from Maresa

It’s been another wild year, am I right? It used to be that time was strongly delineated by dates on the calendar, but with how swiftly things change these days, it’s up to us to ebb and flow like the ocean. At Luxury Home Magazine, we are committed to doing just that. Through the changes, it is our goal to remain a steadfast connection for Realtors, buyers, sellers, and the home industry as a whole.

On the following pages, we showcase a fantastic assortment of properties to excite and inspire you, ranging from $960,000 to $25,000,000. Coming in at $7,995,000 is this issue’s front cover home. 81-6575 Hiaaiono Place, presented by Carrie Nicholson, is located in the Big Island community of Hokulia. For more information, turn to pages 26 and 27. (And, for a glimpse of the pool view, fl ip to the back cover.)

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Maresa Giovannini
Editor in Chief