"I have been meaning to call you for a long time ever since my first ad came out to tell you how great it’s been. The first open house I held at my condo I was showing the magazine to some folks and they where really interested. And then they asked me is financing available and I said you know what as a matter of fact and I flipped over to the back side of the cover and said Pacific Rim Bank is the only lender that is lending on fractional financing. And then I flipped into the inside and I showed them Trans Pacific Mortgage and said these are the mortgage brokers. In fact here is Candace Chase she’s the one you would want to call and talk to. It was all there and then I showed them Old Republic’s page and said these are the folks that do the escrow for fractional. And so I handed them the magazine and they said can we keep this magazine and I said please do it’s one stop shopping for real estate it’s got everything in there you need. I thought that was really awesome that I can support the lenders that are supporting me in fractional financing and that we can all advertise in the same place and work together. So good job and I got to tell you that representative that you have here over on Kauai she’s awesome you should keep her. Call me if you have any questions unless you want to talk about this more but I’m real pleased with the magazine. Thanks, Torey.”

Brenda Crawford, Makai Properties, Island of Kauai


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