Issue 7.3 Rain or Shine: Outdoor Living

By Maresa Giovannini

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People come from all over the world to visit the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. So if you are one of the lucky few to live here, why build walls to shut the beauty out? In Hawaii, industry professionals incorporate the natural landscape into residential designs and are perfecting it with inspired luxury homes. From ocean views to pocket doors and outdoor kitchens to tropical pools, there are countless ways to position your home for ideal outdoor living.

In other regions it is called the patio, the porch, or the deck; here, it’s simply the lanai. But unlike many other regions, this outdoor space can be used year-round, making it a viable outdoor room with potential for full-time furniture, features, and accessories. Because a lanai is truly an extension of indoor living spaces, it should be treated and dressed as such. Although outdoor furniture should be more durable to withstand the sea air and other elements, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Look for island distributors who feature furniture in recycled teak, treated leather, stainless steel, PVC, and other modern weather-resistant pieces.

The ocean air and weather can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture if you’re not careful, but it can also create a natural cooling system for the inside of your home. By positioning structures in line with the pattern of the trade winds, you can literally bring the outdoors in – neutralizing the temperature to create a comfortable and inexpensive indoor climate. To make sure there is proper ventilation and unobstructed views, effective windows are key. Double-pane, tinted, and Low-E Glass all help insulate, while pocket windows and doors create a more open feel.

Bring the heart of your home to the lanai with a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. Nothing compares to a backyard cookout, so do it in style with fine finishes, a bar, built-in barbeque, television, sound system, and plenty of seating. With all these amenities you can keep the luxury to your immediate family or invite friends over for some ideal outdoor entertaining.

The ocean is a fantastic place to swim and sun, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reliable bit of the beach in your own backyard. From swimming pools and spas you can soak in the view from natural installations that blend in with the landscape. Using surface materials such as quartzite which Selective Stone, LLC employs, is a sparkling yet subtle addition to a lasting backyard lagoon. Consider using quartzite for interior floors or walls to give your home more texture and character.

For a cohesive design, lush natural foliage is an aesthetic yet crucial inclusion. A perfectly manicured lawn looks out of place on a tropical island, so take landscape design into consideration when crafting your backyard oasis. Emphasize native, low-maintenance plants to make the outside exotic but livable. For the wow-factor, install water features both indoors and out. Whether with a natural pond, fountain, or cascading waterfall, both the visual and the sound of water lends well to the island lifestyle.

Even if you don’t have a beachfront estate, your home can still be positioned to experience the outdoors. The suggestion of condominiums may conjure images of skyscrapers surrounded in pavement, showcased in other metropolitan destinations; but in Honolulu, The Trump International Hotel & Tower™ Waikiki Beach Walk®, available for rent through Hawaii 5-0 Vacation Rentals LLC and for purchase through Jack Tyrrell, is just across the street from Waikiki’s renowned white sandy beaches. The proximity to the beach makes this an ideal location to experience condo city-living with fabulous amenities while also being able to take advantage of Hawaii’s natural amenities. With alfresco dining opportunities, the Wai`olu Ocean View Lounge, and personal lanais, these condos provide an idyllic outdoor location to view Waikiki’s Friday night fireworks.

Wherever you make your home in Hawaii, a well-set lanai at your residential paradise will help you enjoy the outdoors…rain or shine.


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