Issue 6.3 A Better Blueprint

By Maresa Giovannini

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Your dwelling, your nest your humble abode –no matter how you refer to it, your house is an important investment; it keeps your family safe and holds your memories. The people who make these dreams of ideal homeownership come true are the professionals in the new construction industry. Development companies, building architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and other specialized professionals work together to contribute to
residential New Construction in Hawaii and beyond.

Whether or not the market or population demands more homes, it seems that there will always be a demand for new homes. Although older residences are charming, new luxury homes can be built to perfect modern specifications. With changing building codes, innovations in sustainable materials, and increasingly efficient systems, a newly constructed home allows for all of these beneficial amenities without the arduous remodel. The same is true for green standards. Whether these new homes are LEED certified or simply a little more eco-friendly, new construction has the ability to pioneer and encourage green practices for the future and make a luxury home more affordable to operate.

Hawaii’s building industry – like everything else here – is unique. “New construction in Hawaii is really indigenous to our ability to marry the indoor/outdoor unlike anywhere else in the United States,” said J. Timothy Gutierrez, CEO of Pyramid Premier Properties and owner of JTG LLC. “Everyone moves to Hawaii because ofthe weather… so we have doors that pocket and disappear, we have thermal values in glass and energy efficiencies in the building. We also have many other items that we take into consideration
with material so you have that seamless transition of the indoor to the outdoor.” The indoor/outdoor style of living requires industry professionals to
think beyond architectural design style and focus on construction’s relationship with the weather, land, and natural surroundings.

The goal to utilize efficient energy components in new designs is even more prevalent in Hawaii than on the mainland as resources are limited and more
costly. “We really need to start molding ourselves for this type of mentality to be able to offer people energy efficient homes that are good for our planet and… for cost purposes and longevity,” said Gutierrez. “We live in a state that gets greats amounts of sun so we utilize solar energy and these processes to our advantage.”

With so many developing aspects, new construction remains a viable and diverse industry keeping professionals employed. Oahu-based Eovino & Associates, Inc. develops and markets their stunning designs independently, while The Alexander Group, Inc. specializes in remodels and custom creations for specific clients.

One newly constructed community that offers a choice of finished homes and custom homesites, is this issue’s cover community – Kukui’ula, on the island of Kauai. Set on approximately 1,110 sprawling acres of land rising above the ocean, Kukui’ula offers three different neighborhoods to cater to individual and family needs. With custom homes currently in the process of being designed, built, and sold, the residential community is a shining example of the demands for new construction. Whether you choose to purchase a preplanned home, or commission a custom build, the classic plantation style remains a constant. This architectural style is not only visually pleasing and practical with split pitch roofs and large overhanging lanais, it also pays homage to the architectural history of the Hawaiian Islands. The well-planned designs and amenities of this new luxury private club and community are sure to entice Kauai buyers.

Demand for new construction comes in many different forms, but one constant is technology. With the rapid turnover of new technology for our homes, office, and vehicles, there is always something faster, better, or more efficient available. Logic Living is an elite residential systems integration architect meaning the company provides design, installation, and maintenance for your
home’s electronic systems. One of the luxuries of a new custom home is specifying not only the layout but the function of the home to your needs.

Although projects in Hawaii consider and respect the DNA of the land, it is apparent when a lot has been cleared to make way for new construction. A new building on the Island should appear as if it was meant to be there. That’s where Pacific Land Design, Inc. comes in. This landscape architecture, planning and golf course architectural firm puts the finishing touches on diverse projects, operating from both Honolulu and Los Angeles. “Landscape architecture is very important in balancing the built environment with the natural environment,” said Gary Howard, owner and principal of the company. “A
well-designed landscape makes an enormous impact on a new project by tying it to the surrounding environment; screening unwanted views, framing selected views, and defining circulation while providing interest, color, scale,
hierarchy and maybe a little mystery to the project…”

Just as architects design homes to take advantage of the tradewinds and builders use materials that will withstand the weather, Howard considers the diverse climate when choosing foliage for his Hawaii projects. “Hawaii has such
amazing natural beauty, incredible vistas and diverse microclimates that make many different types of landscapes possible here,” said Howard. “On one island, you can have very lush and wet tropical areas, incredibly harsh dry area, mild temperate areas, and cool highland areas. Each type of micro-climatic area has specific characteristics and requires a unique plant palette to thrive.”

Hawaii has an incomparable combination of enviable geography and residences. Although new technology and building standards evolve daily, industry professionals on The Islands already know how to highlight and take
advantage of the beauty and gifts of the land – in true Hawaiian Style.

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